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free thinkers podcast

Free Thinkers Podcast is a show that believes in free speech, original thought and a desire for truth. With Rusty Puttfark & Meme Joe Green.

meet the hosts

Rusty Puttfark

Rusty Puttfark


Rusty Puttfark is the co-host of the Free Thinkers Podcast. Rusty is a native Floridian and is passionate about faith, education, freedom and truth. After years of opposing the propaganda, blatant lies and manipulation of the mainstream media, it was time to take action and create a platform where the average person could have a voice.

Meme Joe Green

Meme joe green


Meme Joe Green is a Christian, family man, and patriotic American. Growing up in Atlanta with a European immigrant mother, he was immersed in a mosaic of cultures giving him an appreciation for diverse world views. Joe has a strong belief that free-speech is not dead and people of all walks of life can and should have a safe place to discuss controversial topics. 

Mission of the Free thinkers Podcast

The mission of the Free Thinkers Podcast is simply to challenge people to ask the right questions, be open minded and think freely. We live in a society where duoploies are being pushed more than ever, only giving 2 options and forcing people to pick one side or the other. (CNN vs. Fox News, Republican vs. Democrat, etc.) We believe in a society with unique approaches to a variety of issues based on education, data and true science.

We are admittedly opposed to the blatant censorship of truth and research that’s happening on social media, mainstream media, government entities, corporations and across the board. A society that can’t freely speak, debate and think for themselves is weak. 

With the evolution of technology, we are able to have the same platform as other networks like Blaze Media, Daily Wire and mainstream cable news. Instead of sitting back and complaining about things, we decided it was time to create a podcast that would highlight truth, engage debate and present research and data intentionally hidden from the general public.

We’re truly just two average guys having a conversation. We hope you are able to learn something new, are more knowledgeable in your conversations and think freely.