How long do we let our leaders dictate our lives without hearing our voices? How long do we sit idily by and wait for someone else to do something? At what point do we take action and speak up? That’s the dilema we were facing. Even though we’re not celebrities (just an average Joe and an average Rusty) and realize we’ll never reach the popularity of Joe Rogan, it was time to do something. Thank you for joining us.

The mission of the Free Thinkers Podcast is simply to challenge people to ask the right questions, be open minded and think freely. We live in a society where duoploies are being pushed more than ever, only giving 2 options and forcing people to pick one side of the other. (CNN vs. Fox News, Republican vs. Democrat, etc.) We believe in a society with unique approaches to a variety of issues based on education, data and true science.

Rusty Puttfark & Meme Joe Green are two regular guys who wanted to use their voice to create a platform that would challenge mainstream thought. 

The Free Thinkers Podcast covers a wide range of topics and welcomes a variety of guests to encourage free thought. Normally, this is where people will over embellish everything about what they do. We don’t have the credentials to do that. Our goal isn’t fame or fortune. Our goal is to show regular people they can have a platform and voice and encourage everyone to speak up, push back and think for themselves.

We are so appreciative of your support and feedback. You are truly the reason we do what we do. We hope you’ll consider sharing with you friends and family. After all, we’re all in this together.