Trump Troubles & Financial Fiascos

On this episode of the Free Thinkers Podcast, we dive into a range of controversial and fascinating topics. We kick off the conversation with the ludicrous article suggesting that coffee is a symbol of racism and white supremacy – you won’t believe the far-fetched reasoning behind it.

Next, we discuss the swirling rumors of President Trump’s impending arrest and what we think is really going on. We also explore the chilling consequences of the FBI’s role in the January 6th events, emphasizing why it’s crucial to protect yourself, your life, and your family by refraining from taking part in protests.

But that’s not all; we take a critical look at the alleged Trump arrest and examine how it may serve as a distraction from more pressing issues, such as the looming insolvency of banks and the potential for a devastating financial collapse. We’ll provide our analysis and thoughts on these matters, and as always, encourage you to think freely and question everything.

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That’s the sound of racism in your cup, and welcome to the free thinkers podcast that show that leaves in free speech, original thought and desire for truth. Hope everyone’s has a wonderful week. I am glad to be back with you all. And it is a absolutely beautiful day in Florida. It is Monday I am recording this the day before the supposedly arrest of Donald Trump. Let me take another sip of racism here. One moment. Hmm. So good had to have that. Tonight was the article that came out? I’ll put it in context for you think I’m crazy. An article came out from the really, really, really strong site afro, claiming drinking coffee is racist and white supremacist cream created by black people for black people, and now a pillar of white supremacist capitalism. If you consume coffee, you are helping an industry built on racism. Get one more little sip of that racism. And then we’ll go with over the show. Hold on. Oh, huh. I like my racism with a little powdered butter in it and some collagen and little MCT oil called bulletproof racism right there. I don’t want to get into that. Bulletproof Coffee is what I drink every single morning. And it’s good stuff. But yeah, there’s some crazy people out there. An article from the blog F RW claimed that drinking coffee perpetuates white supremacy, according to the article created by black people for black people, and now a pillar of white supremacist capitalism. If you consume coffee, you helping industry built on racism. Don’t forget that your morning coffee today is racist. If you’re a person of color, you know what I’m talking about. You walk into a new coffee shop, and your senses are overwhelmed with whiteness. And you get the glare from the Karen’s it just goes on and on and on. The article claims that every facet of the coffee industry is rooted in racism. And that the drink is another thing stolen from black and brown people. Give me a break article counts. Back here. A well known fact that whites would be eating bland food like plain bread and gruel if it weren’t for the theft of culinary secrets and people of color, especially black folks. I’m gonna call a fable on that. I have been to Africa. And that’s probably some of the worst food I’ve ever had in my life. But grown up in the south with some of the best food I don’t think it has to do with race. I think it has to do with ingredients. Because when you get some some corn breads and biscuits and some collard greens, and some fried chicken and all that stuff that are cooked in the south SM good stuff, and it doesn’t matter what color you are, because there’s some white ladies. And there’s some black ladies, they all cook the same good stuff. Oh my goodness, I’ve had some incredible food cooked by white ladies have had some incredible food cooked by black ladies. This whole thing of just trying to just create this stupid racist thing is so insane. So yeah, now coffee is racist. You know what? Cool. Every day I’m going to wake up and just proclaim My racism with some good old coffee. But like I said, we’re recording this on Monday night. And Saturday. It was it was leaked by Donald Trump that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday, which is tomorrow. So the first thing obviously that everybody that goes to everybody’s mind, it’s you have an emotional reaction. That’s how most people are I was until you have to sit back and think, Okay, what’s the distraction? What are they? What’s this all about? And then you really take it into context what’s going on? Here’s how here’s how I see this whole thing. I don’t think I’m gonna just start off with this. If you’re planning to protest don’t if you’re planning to go and make a human moat or whatever around Mar a Lago don’t. It’s not worth sitting in jail. The corruption that’s at the level of the government is not worth you sitting in prison for it’s not worth it. It’s not a fair trial. This is not a nation of laws and nation of political will. And right now The inmates are running the asylum. The absolute lunatics, the crazy people are running the asylum. Don’t protest. This is another fed setup. Just like January 6 was, I’m telling you don’t get involved in that if you hear my voice, stay away from that stuff. This is all ginned up, in my opinion, to distract from the apocalyptic collapse that’s looming in this impending from the financial sector and the banks. It, I’ll get into that in a little bit. But I just want to make it clear, don’t buy the narrative of all this other stuff. If let’s just say if Trump gets arrested, he’ll get arrested. He’ll have a little mug shot done, they’ll book them and they’ll release them. And then it’d be trials for years, and years and years. It’s a political witch hunt. And the allegations are from 2016. And this all comes from moral depravity in your pay hush money to a hooker covering for somebody’s payment of hush money for a hooker and risking your freedom for that, it’s not worth it. That’s what they want. That’s what they want. And if and if enough protests happen, and the feds can do false flags, like they’ve been well known to do, they can they could go as far as to implement martial law. And it’s just not worth it. I’m telling you, it’s just not worth it. I’m not a fan of, of of Trump anymore. And I’ve said that and I’ve gotten a lot of flack for this on this show. But you know what, I’m gonna pursue truth. I’m gonna go after what I believe is right. And I’m not going to fall for the coat. I’m not going to fall for all this crazy nonsense out there. I think Trump when he first got into office did a great job and a lot of things. I think his treatment of the Second Amendment was abysmal. I think when he gave control to Fauci and Burks, and just let them have the keys of the kingdom, I think that was a tragedy. When he let them lock the country down when he let them do a lot of things. It just it. It wasn’t in the best interest of We the People. And for that, he’s lost my support on that. And he continues to push the vaccine, he has apologized for it. He said it’s his greatest accomplishment, something that’s made and taken the lives or are negatively affected 10s of millions of Americans. The numbers are coming out. And it’s 10s of millions of Americans. So all that to be said is I was a huge supporter, I was a donor to him. I voted for him twice. I don’t regret it. The election was 100%. In my opinion stolen from him. There’s plenty of evidence that we’ve covered that ad nauseam here. I mean, I certainly he should be the legitimate president of the United States at this point should be all the stuff that he says he’s going to do if he gets back into office he should have done when he was there. I think it was surrounding himself with really, really bad people, which he has a tendency to do. Especially his son in law, which if you’ve watched the show for any length of time, you know that, but again, I get I get comments all the time. And one of the comments was, if you don’t like Trump, I’m not watching you anymore. If you don’t like, okay, that’s, that’s cool. That’s fine. All I ask this is to ask the right questions to educate yourself just a little bit on what’s going on. And again, that’s all I asked to me. As a Floridian. I’m very, very supportive. I mean, Ron DeSantis isn’t even in the race. We don’t have a presidential election coming up. We don’t have a primary coming up for a long, long, long time. So pitting two sides, one way or the other, isn’t necessarily the thing to do. Right now. I’m just saying when Trump toss his hat into there, I’m done choosing the lesser of two evils, and I don’t want to vote for somebody that’s propelled the United States into tyranny and in a totalitarian authoritarian, authoritarian A system of government where you let unelected bureaucratic officials dictate the freedoms and the laws that you’re allowed to, to, to work within. I just don’t think that’s right. I mean, when you’re mandating people to get a shot that’s known, that’s totally unproven. And that’s killing and maiming 10s of millions of people. When you’re forcing people to wear a mask, when you’re doing all this, that’s a serious issue. To me, there’s a lot of people that just went through with it to do whatever I’ve never done that I’m not going to do that I’m not playing in their game never have been never will. I’m not playing in this duopoly game of pitting one side to the next, the jury’s out on Ron DeSantis. For me as as president, all I can say is that as governor, what he’s done for me, for my family, for my friends, for my area, I love the guy. I’m very, very, very supportive of him. I’m happy for what he’s done. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the results and traffic because for me to get anywhere down here, I think our county has grown by almost a million people every year for the last two years. But there’s a reason for that. There’s a reason for that. It’s called freedom. People want freedom. People move to they call it the Free State of Florida. And so we have this deal to where Trump tweets that he’s gonna get arrested on this leaked document coming out on Tuesday to protest protest protest. He told people to peacefully protest on January the sixth and didn’t pardon a single one. And they’re still sitting in jail without due process. A lot of times without a conviction. They’re just political prisoners. Which if you’re if you’re an elected official, and you can sleep at night knowing there’s political prisoners in the United States of America. I don’t need I don’t understand how you do it. I don’t. And we saw the deal with Tucker Carlson get released all that footage. And we saw both sides of the unit party with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, freaking out. Forcing Fox News to not let Carlson do a lot of new stuff about that. Why? It’s because we’ve seen the narrative collapse, we saw everything that they told you or they crafted the narrative fall apart because of video evidence. They’re talking I mean, Schumer is talking about it’s a lie. They’re just literally just roll the tape, roll the tape of what happened that day. And he calls that a lie. He’s like, don’t believe your eyes don’t believe what you see. Believe what we told you happen, which is not anything that they’ve said that’s been true. So you have literal members of Congress, that are working with Hollywood producers, to edit footage and add in sound effects. To create a narrative that didn’t exist. You have the FBI that won’t admit how many agents they had on site on January 6, and if they enter the capital, if they were involved in any of the violence, if they did anything like that, they won’t, they won’t, they won’t test it, they won’t give you the answer to that. Which indicates to me that they were there. I’ve seen the evidence of the people that first breached the doors. And they all had you know, radios in their ears. They’ve had bulletproof vests, they had tactical gear, in my opinion. Those were federal agents that were doing what they were supposed to do to create the narrative and the optics for what was going to happen. Now you have the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of the people that are walking through that building within the confines of the of the ropes that they had roped off, they’re walking through, they’re taking pictures, do what they’re doing. And you have literal elected congressmen and Congress women that are framing them and not allowing them to have the video evidence in a court of law to prove their innocence. Now, you all that are going to do any of that stuff tomorrow, you’re absolutely out of your mind. Because they this is again, this is not a nation that’s ruled are governed by law, its ruling governed by political will. And I’ve said time and time and time and time again, that this is not a legitimate government. This is a corporate criminal Cabal. I can say a corporate Kabbalist criminal Cabal, that’s posing as a country. This is not legitimate government. They’re diverting money from money laundering to Ukraine. They’re letting all these illegals into the border. They’re paying them money they’re trying to pay in San Francisco trying to give every black person their $5 million. It’s a it’s a criminal cartel. The flag over my shoulder has now become a symbol of a corporate criminal Cabal. Not the freedom that we grew up, pledging to. It’s, it’s something it’s I’ve had a lot of friends over the years that would tell me stuff like this was going to happen. And I thought, not in my lifetime. I mean, not in my lifetime. But it’s here. It’s definitely here. And so I had, I mean, there was there links on the screen. And I had a whole show is going to put together over January 6. And I just mean between being. That’s a lot of prep work and just being busy and traveling all over the place. I didn’t have time to do it. But I’m telling you, there’s so much there. And when I went to, to click on some of those links tonight, just to bring up some of that information. Some of these links are taken down already. They don’t want the truth to be known. And the truth is that it was a peaceful protest was Trump said to Pete go to the capitol and peacefully let your voice be heard, which, which people do. There’s some people that I know that were there. And you have people like Ray Epps who was saying he’s orchestrating it, and he lied under Congress and said he was gone by the same time when there’s video footage to show that he was still there at the time, he said he was gone. Then you have the officer who they said was killed, was still walking around doing what he was doing. After they claimed he died. Then you have the guy that’s the call the cue on and shout, Shaman with the horns and everything like that that’s being led around by eight different police, sometimes in a very isolated Hall, which they could have easily arrested him right there and walked him out. But they did and they were trying to open doors they were trying to do that kind of thing. This committee would not allow text message between Pelosi and all these other people to be read. Now that’s not that’s not wanting to get to the bottom of what the truth is that’s not wanting to really discover what happened that’s called crafting a narrative and preventing anything that goes against that narrative for being seen by the public. As I’ve said on many, many, many of these podcasts, do not trust a thing that the government the corporate criminal cabal tells you and I say that stronger than ever do not trust the thing. The government or this criminal corporate cabal tells you I can’t remember who it was, but someone the other day talked about that people should not enlist in the military. I wholeheartedly agree, wholeheartedly agree. The military is a it’s a woke joke. And I hate to say that, because I’ve always been a very patriotic person and gone to air shows have had the utmost respect for people that have served to wear the uniform that risked their lives that have gone overseas. I’ve had friends that have served in Iraq, Afghanistan. I just can’t imagine being a family who’s lost a service member to a war that look at what’s going on now within the ranks, when they’re more concerned about gay pride flags and pronouns and gender and race and all this other stuff than they are about the strength to defend and protect this country. But that’s what we are. Like I said, the inmates the mentals are running the asylum and it shows. It’s a clown show. It’s a full blown clown show. Then you have what you have with this whole thing with Trump? I mean, you got banks that are insolvent. You got a financial system on the brink, truly on the brink.
We’re distracted with this Sideshow with Trump. And I had a theory the other day. And again, we’re the free thinkers podcast, we can think, however we like again, is it the pursuit? We’re not always right. But it’s the pursuit of the truth and free thought. And we have the desire for truth. And one of the things I thought was, what if? What if Trump’s in on this and hear me out for a second? You have a guy that is proclaiming freedom, he’s proclaiming all this other stuff, but he gives the keys of the kingdom over to Fauci and Burks and supports lockdowns and supports an experimental jab that is doing a lot of really horrible stuff to people. And if he sees the truth, he would say, I was wrong, I was misled. These people gave me false information. They were, you know, taken over, I shouldn’t have done this. But he doesn’t. He doubles down and said, This is the greatest. This is the greatest thing that I’ve dated my presidency in my life, I saved all these people, that kind of thing. So there’s a there’s a there’s a pattern, you have to understand you have to lay out patterns for this. of someone that’s willing to work with the same swamp that He claims he’s trying to drain. So when you look at the financial system, everything was quote, good under Trump, but there was a lot of propping up when I watched a video the other night of Jerome Powell, the Fed chairman. He was asked how much he talks with Biden, about interest rates policy, that kind of thing. He said he’s never talked to Biden. And they said, Well, did you ever talk to Trump, he said, I talked to Trump all the time. Trump was always trying to make sure the economy was propped up. And when I say propped up. There’s a whole laundry list of things. But I’ve listened to Ron Paul for years and years and years, and Ron Paul has been right about every single thing. And this is a house of cards that’s about to fall. And I think we’re getting really, really close to it falling truly I do. Finally, I’ve heard Ron Paul say this for 20 years. But the insolvency of the banks in the way that the regulators are working with the banks to allow the banks to lie to the investors about what they’re doing. It shows the collusion of everything what’s going on. And then when you see the money laundering going to Ukraine, it seems like a lot of these bigwigs are are getting their share before the floor falls out. You see SVB bank, they the every single employee got a huge raise a day before the bank was shut down, the President was selling stock, they knew what was going on. It was like you know, you before the bank is robbed, you get a bunch of stuff, because you know that banks going to be robbed, and it’s going to be gone. So it doesn’t really matter. But Trump was in contact with Jerome Powell. And he was you know, making sure the economy is propped up, cut the rates, kick the can down the road, in essence, essentially. So there’s a pattern of working within that. So, again, I may be wrong about this. But to distract against a run on the banks. You have to create this story comes out Saturday, today, everyone’s home. Day everyone can see it. I’m gonna get arrested on Tuesday. So now the nation pivots from wondering about what their finances are doing in banks, and pivots from just all the other news that’s going on, about the Biden crime family being paid millions of dollars from China pivots from everything like that. Now, here’s a laser pointer. Look over here to this dog and pony show. And if enough people would I just don’t understand why you say protest protest protest. I don’t understand that. Because he tried to walk back so much of I said peacefully protest protests on January 6, he kept claiming I said peacefully, peacefully, he didn’t say peacefully here. That’s what kind of makes me kind of wonder what all this is about. And again, he’s played with the swamp team, many, many, many times played with the swamp team, as far as you know, Jerome Powell and the Fed and Federal Reserve is not anything to do. It’s not a federal institution. They call it the Fed. It’s a group of private central banks that control the United States money supply has nothing to do it’s just Federal Federal Express, they prop it up. It’s Fiat, there’s it’s declared, The whole currency system can collapse in a heartbeat. And now you have the bank and regulatory institutions that are just on thin ice. And we’ve just had this whole Wag the Dog distraction, look over here, laser pointer, that kind of thing. So maybe he’s playing with them to get everyone distracted. From a total collapse of the economy. Everyone’s concerned about this. They’re concerned about how Ron DeSantis acted or reacted to this, which is insane that everyone’s criticizing him and we’re gonna play a clip, just for clarity, because if you haven’t heard it, I think you need to hear this. When I heard it, I heard a lot of the criticism before I heard what the Santa said then when I heard what the Santa said, I’m like, what he said was perfect. So we’re gonna watch, watch that clip here in a minute. But again, you have to think of everything because there’s always a sleight of hand when you have William Casey, the ex CIA, the CIA director under Reagan says, our job won’t be complete until every American believes every lie that we tell them. And we have auto con and set our game and our goal is to play both sides of the narrative. I’m telling you, you got to look through the emotion of this because this is very emotional time for a lot of people. I remember when they raided Mar a Lago. I remember where I was sitting, and I got very emotional about it, because I thought this is absolutely unprecedented. When you have again, I mean, the first initial thought I had was they’re going to arrest Trump. I mean, you’ve got you have literally, you know, Obama doing what he’s doing. Not even born in this country. You’ve got Clinton paying $800,000 to Paula Jones as hush money, there’s nothing being brought up on that. And again, I’m not trying to, to make it look like what Trump did was right. I don’t know. I literally I don’t know the facts. I have way more things to do in my life than to go into and do research on him paying a whore for hush money. I don’t, I don’t care about it. It’s just it’s, it’s disgusting. It’s whatever. It’s, I will tell you this, it’s not worth you getting in legal trouble to defend a guy who’s paying hush money to horror. Take Trump’s name at it out of it and say a guy, I mean, just say what’s going on, it’s not worth it for you to put your life at risk. And to put your family at risk and your freedom at risk to defend a guy paying hush money to a horror. I don’t know what he’s more than that. And I don’t care to know any more than that. I’m not gonna be those educated person on Trump paying a whore. But I will be educated to know that while on January 6, what they did was a setup. You know, it was a setup, we have proof it’s a setup. And it’s not worth it. For you to get involved in that it’s a clown show. It’s not worth it. I don’t know who’s playing who I don’t know what it is. It’s not worth it. So if you’re planning on going to mar a Lago, I’d stay away from there. Live your life, do what it’s supposed to do, and go and just do do that. But don’t, don’t get involved. Don’t get involved in a setup a Fed trap. Because it’s a rat trap. It really is. It really is. So let me let me play this because they DeSantis was at a press conference today. And they asked him about this. I’m just gonna play a little bit of his response, because I think it’s important that you hear this before you start judging and it again, I’m not a DeSantis apologist. I love what he’s done for the state of Florida. The jury is out on him as a national political figure. Again, he has not announced that he’s running for office. If he did announce today, I would probably vote for him today over Donald Trump. I know that for a fact, based on the evidence that I’ve seen, the jury’s still out, a lot of people can go completely sideways and do all these other things. I’m aware of that. And like I said, we’ve lost, we’ve lost viewers. We’ve lost out on this stuff, because I’m very truthful and open and transparent about Donald Trump, but I’m not gonna apologize for it. I look at the facts. I don’t like what he did about COVID. That’s a big thing. And he’s still pushing the narrative. But let’s look at what the Santa said that people are criticizing. This is interesting. Yes, ma’am.

Hi, I’m Megan from the Florida standard. We wanted to know what your thoughts are on the rumored Trump indictment and if you have any role in it, if charges are brought on him, will you have any role in extradition to New York?

So I’ve seen rumors swirl. I have not seen any facts yet. And so I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I do know this, the Manhattan district attorney is a Soros funded prosecutor. And so he like other Soros funded prosecutors, they weaponize their office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety. He has downgraded over 50% of the felonies to misdemeanors, he says he doesn’t want to even have jail time for the vast vast majority of crimes. And what we’ve seen in Manhattan is we’ve seen the sky, the crime rate go up, and we’ve seen citizens become less safe. And so you’re talking about this situation with and like, I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair. I just I can’t speak to that. But what I can speak to is that if you have a prosecutor who is ignoring crimes happening every single day in his jurisdiction, and he chooses to go back many, many years ago, to try to use something about porn star hush money payments, you know, that’s an example of pursuing a political agenda and weaponizing the office. And I think that that’s fundamentally wrong. I also think it’s important to point out when you’re talking about the Soros funded prosecutors, yes, they may do a high profile politicized prosecution. And that’s bad. But the real victims are ordinary New Yorkers, ordinary Americans and all these different jurisdictions that they get victimized every day, because of the reckless political agenda that the Soros DEA is bring to their job. They ignore crime, and they empower criminals. And that hurts people hurts a lot of people every single day. The Soros district attorneys are a menace to society. And I’m just glad that I’m the only governor in the country that’s actually removed one from office during my tenure.

So there you go. He was very clear that there’s a lot of hearsay. There’s no facts, just rumors at this point. He doesn’t know what’s going on as far as the case with hush money to a whore prostitute. But he did call out the Soros appointed da, which Soros has funded a lot of these across the country. And the fact that this DA, who his only marketable skill is he’s a black male. And again, you understand that they put people in these positions based upon race, gender, sexual ideology, and viewpoints. And again, you you see how some of this just so many different people have literally no skills. I mean, Kamala Harris, her only skill is She’s a flat backer literal. I mean, look at Willie Brown from San Francisco, the mayor, how Kamala moved up the ladder was her skills with Willie Brown, then she moved up the ladder in the state of California. And then they put her in there, it’s probably the greatest insurance plan against the former vice president, because there’s no way on earth people would want her to assume that position. No pun intended. But anyway, you’ve got the I mean, look at the press secretary, probably. And I said that last time, probably one of the dumbest human beings on earth. But she’s a woman. She’s black, she’s queer. And again, from last podcast of this, I haven’t figured that out what that is. Then you look at the Levine character, who just I mean, there’s a transgender and the Health and Human Services and you got Pete Buttigieg, who’s you know, the gay trans material, Transportation Safety Director, you got the nuclear guy who’s a gay guy that does I mean, literal, these people are just you’re put in positions with no marketable skills other than your race, your gender or your sexual ideology. So now we go back to this da. He’s put in that position. And the prosecutor because he’s, he’s a black guy. He has no clue what he’s doing because he’s trying to take people that get arrested on felonies and take them down to misdemeanors so they can go back out and commit more crime. When you see the crime rate go up. That’s probably not a great policy. You see videos in New York people there’s a video today some guy getting beat and stabbed beat with a baseball bat and stabbed by a couple because a parking incident and I mean, it’s just it literally it’s they believe the stuff that you tell them about race and all this other stuff. I got a, an an email right before we went on today and it says school suspends black students for anti black racism schools suspend black students for anti black racism. This is the third time we’ve had perpetrators of racially motivated incident identified as African American. So there’s not enough racism going on. They have to they have to Jesse some smell, let the whole thing and make it happen. So we’re creating this division in this country. We’re creating this, this great divide. And, again, it’s like you’re trying to pit this stuff on Ron DeSantis. And a lot of people were saying that he didn’t say enough or they were saying he didn’t come out and, you know, defend Trump and stuff. And my opinion is you’ve got Trump out there calling him wrong. The sanctimony sanctimonious. You’ve got Trump out there trying to pin Ron DeSantis, from partying with underage girls and all this other stuff. You’ve got Trump out there just completely belittling Ron DeSantis. What is DeSantis Oh, Trump after that, I mean, again, Trump could be so successful if he would pick the fights that are important. And not go after every little bait that he’s taken and surround himself with good qualified people. I’m telling you, he could be in immensely successful, but he surrounds himself with Yes, men who do just whatever he says. Or that, that he’ll surround himself with people that just want to bring him down, and they’ll just kind of like play in his ego and take them with him. It’s crazy. And that’s the thing that I like about sadness is he’s he’s, he understands what to go after. There’s no need to get involved in a circus, when it’s just a rumor of a circus. Now, something happens if, you know they start billy club beating Trump or something like that with handcuffs on with, that’s when you get involved in the situation. But you don’t get involved in the soap opera. Before anything like that happens. I just think it’s, I think it’s stupid. I wouldn’t do it. And so again, there’s a lot of people a lot of including Steve day, so I respect a lot that said today wasn’t one of the sandwiches greatest moments of how he wouldn’t stand up to the oh, gosh, wasn’t like the swamp or something like that, to me. I don’t think he played the swamps game. And again, DeSantis has been very, very on key on target, to not go after any of the attacks on Trump. And I think it drives them crazy. We’ll see tomorrow. But again, I’m gonna say it again, don’t get involved in this stuff with protesting and that kind of thing. See what happens. See what happens. I mean, in the, in the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. So seek first to understand and then to be understood, get the information, get the factual information out, before you emotionally react, because when you emotionally react a lot of times, not a lot of good things come out of that. But very, very, very few good things come out of that. So I just want to just just say that to you tonight, before, whatever happens tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath. It’s not really going to concern me because the worst case scenario, I guess, with this whole thing is they’ll put handcuffs on them, they’ll get their picture. They’ll book them. I saw one guy he posted a picture of of Rush Limbaugh’s mug shot, when rush came back from vacation. And I guess they found some painkillers or something like that on his plane, and they arrested him. And Russia had the biggest smile on his face and everything like that. It’s one of the guys said, I hope I hope Trump has a has a big ol smile on his face when they take his mug shot, everything like that. So they can I mean, the thing that they’re going to want to see is Trump all sudden and downtrodden. And that kind of thing like that. Don’t give them that. Don’t give them that. But they probably will because that that will be used for fundraisers and all that other stuff. But to me, I’d smile about it. Because I think it’s kind of funny. I mean, if you got a former president arrested for allegedly doing something like this back in 2016 It’s stupid. It’s crazy as politically motivated, smile about it, and then just go, you know, do something about it. But like I said, You’re risking your life and your freedom and your family and your finances and all that other stuff. To defend the guy that made the hush money payments to a horror. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Not worth it at all. And I think there’s a lot more that you can be concerned with. Especially the banking industry, this is kind of really got me interested in that, because, um, I’ve looked at a lot of the banking, Babylonian money magic, they would call it as far as what they used to do with money. And kind of where that is, where crypto is, where precious metals are. I mean, when you look at the bank, I’m telling you just understand fractional reserve banking, that’s all you have to understand to make you really, really on edge. Because whatever you put in the bank, whatever your deposit goes in the bank, by law, they only have to keep 10%, they can lend the 90% of what you have backed out. So if everybody tries to get their money out of the bank, it’s not they’re not even close to being there. And that’s the, that’s the game that they allow to be played by taking money off of the gold standard. The gold standard used to be, there’s a paper I owe you, which was $1, that you could always exchange for something that backed it, which was gold or silver, or whatever it was. So it was a Gold Reserve Note, that means the gold is in reserve, that’s the Note that you can trade. And what they’ve done with this central banking system is not there. Now the thing that DeSantis said, later on in that press conference that he was signing laws against is a central bank, digital currency, which I would encourage everyone here to be vehemently against. That is just the biggest Ponzi scheme you’ve ever seen in your life, that’s going to make it collapse. More so than ever.

There is a vast difference, vast difference between a government controlled digital currency, and Bitcoin or cryptocurrency vast difference to me, I am still a supporter of Bitcoin, I’m in Bitcoin. And the reason is, is because there’s a there’s a finite amount that will ever be released. There is, it’s the most secure thing on the planet, if you don’t have it, in exchange, meaning if it’s on Coinbase, or something like that, it’s not in your wallet, it’s technically in Coinbase as wallet and they give you access to it through their wallet. But if you take it off and put it in what they call cold storage, or something that to where you actually own it, there’s no one on earth, no government, no anything like that, that can get that from you. And it is validated. You can’t make more Bitcoin, you can’t devalue it, or anything like that, as far as with these, you know, printing more money or anything of that sort. There was an article that, that my friend Kevin shared with me, and that was Kevin was the one that was on here on this show, talking about cryptocurrency, when we had that show, there was a, this is the article former Coinbase. CTO places a $2 million bet that Bitcoin will hit $1 million in 90 days. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m explaining the terms of this bet real quick because to me, I’m just going to wrap this up with this because I think this is where people’s focus needs to be, they can’t be distracted on the laser pointer over here on Trump. They can’t be distracted on balloons floating over the air and all this other nonsense that wag the dog and the Hollywood script producers are trying to get you to distract yourself with there’s real issues and real problems out there. This is one of them. He’s betting that as Bitcoin, the price rises, because people see that as it is very, very, very secure as compared to a Fiat declared that’s what Fiat means. It means declared currency that has no value other than the military that backs it, and we know what the military is, at this point, the petro dollar the oil that can buy and trade and sell on it. And now if you have the petro dollar being eliminated, and you start having either on the the Russian currency, you know, the Chinese Wan, or some other currency that becomes, you know, the global standard, the dollar will will collapse faster than you can ever imagine. And the money that you have is going to be probably his most valuable use, we’ll be starting fires. And I mean that very seriously. I mean, when you look at, you know, after World War Two Germany, I mean, it was like 2 billion of their currency to buy a loaf of bread. I mean, it was just completely worthless, completely worthless. So there’s a lot that you can that you can do to hedge yourself. I’m not giving financial advice whatsoever. I’m just saying I’d like to do some research on this because the the banking industry is hanging by a thread right now. And the focus of Americans should be that and should be, you know what we’re going to do about that, instead of, you know, following a laser pointer to the sky, or to jail, or wherever we’re going like that. So, anyway, it’s been a while. And, yeah, don’t get involved in this stuff to sit back in and get the facts. And understand that whatever you’re seeing, there’s always a diversion. There’s always a distraction. They’re always doing something behind I mean, it’s, it’s, there’s this three cup, you know, the three cups with a ball into there. Just keep your eye on that ball as much as you can. And the last thing I’ll say is that don’t don’t fear. I mean, God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. And you know, what, if this whole thing collapses, and we die, guess what we get to go be with Jesus, we get to go and just spin life in eternity. And I hope everyone’s prepared for that. Because, man, I mean, think how many times that, you know, Paul, or something like that said, he goes, I would, I would much rather die, it’s far greater for me to die. But I would rather stay here to do the work that I’m called to do. We got to have that attitude, we got to have the attitude that, you know, we’re we’re here for such a time as this, to spread the word. Like I said, this isn’t most popular podcast, we’re going to flood the zone with information, we’re going to try to challenge you to think differently, we’re going to try to, to make it to where the propaganda that they’re putting the literal propaganda they’re putting can be challenged, because we’re that other person. Like with that Milford experiment, when they brought another person in the room where they were telling him to shock somebody and said, Are you sure you’re going to do this? Most of the time, those people wouldn’t go through with that shock. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re telling you Are you sure you’re gonna believe this stuff? Are you sure you believe what the government is telling you? Have they ever told you anything? That’s the truth. Not really, there. It’s crazy. It’s, it’s crazy. When you start looking at the magic behind Disney, what goes on, and I’m not saying literal Disney, I’m just saying that’s kind of a term. You know, for a facade. You know, when you go over there, you look at all these great buildings and everything like that, and you walk around the back, and they’re just held up with two by fours, and that kind of thing. That’s what this looks like. So, again, I know it’s bread and circus that was a Roman term that they use when you have the Colosseum and they give you wine and bread. And, you know, let you watch the gladiator events and stuff like that. And you got Caesar and all that other stuff over there, coin clipping, and there’s just so much I can go into that. We don’t have time. We don’t have time. But But again, I just wanted to come to you guys tonight. And just give you that update and information. And again, if there’s anybody that was considering doing anything crazy. There’s save, save, save your, save your energy for what’s coming down the road. That’s all I can say. Save your energy for what’s coming down the road. And again, don’t live in a spirit of fear, but live in power and love and a sound mind because the fights and the battles that we have aren’t against flesh and blood, but they’re here in spiritual forces and principalities. And that’s what’s attacking this country right now. That’s what’s attacking all these other you know, these woke ideologies. That’s what attacking everything like that and understand that it’s not flesh and blood. It’s spiritual in this principalities, and it’s just a demonic warfare that’s going on. So there’s power in prayer. I’m telling you, there’s power, in prayer and pray it up. And just do your part. Do what you can do to get the word out and bring God into it. Because let me tell you, I’ve seen in my life, some incredible results from the power of prayer. And that’s something that I’ll never ever, ever go without. So they can take me out that they can’t take that out because you know what? To be absent from the body to be present with the Lord. I hope everybody has a great week, and we’ll talk to you soon love y’all.

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