Operation Wag the Dog

On this episode of the Free Thinkers Podcast, we cover the fake war in Ukraine that’s being used to launder US taxpayer money, the Ohio train derailment that the Biden administration has been grossly incompetent handling, the admission that Covid-19 came from a bio weapons lab, the Vermont basketball team the forfeited their playoff run because a mentally deranged transgender claims he’s a girl, and much more.

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Welcome to another episode of the free thinkers podcast the show that believes in free speech, original thought desire for truth. I hope everyone is having an incredible and wonderful week. I can’t believe it’s already March. Happy Irish history month. This is a great national history month we get to celebrate. There’s a lot of things that we don’t know about Irish history month that I’m going to bring up in this month. And we may have some big news about the free thinkers podcast, so stay tuned and I want to encourage you, if you haven’t already, go to free thinkers podcast.com and sign up for email and SMS text alerts and we will send you updated information whenever we release a show. And in anytime, anything like that comes out. Also, we want to encourage you to sign up at Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, anywhere podcasts are found. That way you can get updated whenever anything like that is released. I’ve been traveling a lot. I was at Memphis. And that was an incredible time. Like I said last time I was at the American politan awards show. That is where they celebrate people from Western swing, outlaw Honky Tonk, rockabilly, it’s the salt of the earth, a great country music that celebrates the roots of the past and embraces you know, some of the some of the new talents that are coming up in the future. And it was a complete honor to be able to serve those those artists who do not get any recognition because they do not go along with the Nashville. Backstreet Boys with a little country twang sound. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve listened to actually like the new quote, modern country. Music Radio, it’s just it’s not what I like. I love I love George Jones. I love Merle Haggard. I love Waylon Jennings, I love Hank Williams, Sr. I love you know, just a lot of that, you know, Johnny paycheck, Johnny Rodriguez, just a lot of really good country singers like that, that that are lost, you know, and it’s great to be part of an organization like a metropolitan. You can go to Metropolitan Oregon and discover some of the singers. Like I said, we’re gonna have DALE WATSON on the show in a couple of weeks. And we’ll put some playlists out that you can discover some of these great artists. I mean, I’m telling you, it’s just incredible stuff. And I have some I have some video I worked a ton while I was out there. And so I didn’t get the chance to go and see some of the shows the artist showcase they had out there but was able to stay at the guesthouse. at Graceland. It’s a great hotel, had some experiences there, which was going to tie into what we’re going to talk about tonight. But But yeah, I mean, I think that’s, that’s such a such a great honor to be able to serve the artists like that. I mean, some of these guys, they work like two jobs during the day and then they play at night because they’re just so passionate about what they do. And and that’s not the Nashville thing. But it’s it’s definitely the original the roots of where the real country music has come from. So I love that kind of stuff. I love the real stuff. The the you know, the authentic stuff. Not the manufactured, you know, whatever we have today, I can’t tell you the last time I listen to country radio, it was just it was literally when you turn it on, it sounds like was it New Kids on the Block back when I was growing up? In junior high, I mean, it’s just just with an accent just with a southern accent. Man, there’s been a lot of stuff going on, we have a lot to catch up on. And I mean, we’ve got this whole thing in Ohio, you’ve got the rear admiral, Pete Buttigieg, or whatever his name is out there when his Bob the Builder outfit, you know, trying to act like he’s this big guy. You know, visiting the scene and all this other stuff. The fact of the matter is, is is is I got to say this succinctly because you know that I do not care for Trump anymore. And I know that that is probably alienate her audience. And my goal is not to alienate the audience. My goal is to shoot straight. I also know one of the one of the leaders Otto Kahn said that the centralized group is there to control both sides of the narrative. And I also know like man cow, who was a big radio host in Chicago, who was wondering who’s who had this the same numbers of Howard Stern at one point said you have to either shoot far left or far right. They don’t want you shooting straight down the middle. We shoot straight down the middle. Because to me, I don’t see LEFT, RIGHT Republican Democrat anymore. As I said, I left the Republican Party proudly left the Republican Party. I am, I am fighting the battle between freedom and totalitarianism or tyranny or whatever you want to call it that that they’re doing. I’m going to support anybody, regardless of political affiliation, nationality, race, whatever, that embraces freedom, because that’s what makes us all better. I always say on this podcast, a rising tide lifts all ships. Freedom lifts everyone. I mean, when you when you look at the Declaration of Independence, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you have liberty in their well come all of the flat backer leaves out life conveniently. But I don’t care about any of that stuff. I don’t care about left, right, any of that. So Trump, I was proud of him. I was definitely proud of him for going to East Palestine. Because by him going to East Palestine, he made the rear admiral, but a judge, go there and dress up in his hard hat. I’m not I don’t know, whatever the heck’s going to fall from the sky out there in the middle of nowhere. Is little safety vest and his safety glasses and all this stuff. I guess the OSHA person was there, he had to I guess I get it because I’ve shot videos and you have to like, make sure everyone’s OSHA compliant because you can’t have anything like that. As a matter of fact, it’s funny story. I shot a video one time at a steelworks company. And this dude, I was I had this camera. And he went and started climbing and I beam. Now if you know where IBM is, so he started climbing that thing. Without it. I mean, I put that in the video because I thought it was pretty cool. And man, they came down on me so hard because you can’t have anything like that that may be unsafe. So you know how that goes. So Rear Admiral Budda judge here. When I went to East Palestine, nothing’s being done. They’re not even offering anything close to like a hotel voucher for these people. There’s a lot of respiratory conditions that are being reported now. And it’s it’s a complete disaster. And you have vinyl chloride that they actually intentionally burned off. They said it was a controlled burn. It was a completely uncontrolled burn. You have a lot of people that are chemical biologists and they said that was completely uncontrolled burn. Because if it’s a controlled burn, you control the environment, you control the sediment, you control the oxygen level. You can, it was it was an it was a completely uncontrolled burn. So we understand what that’s going what’s going on with that what they’re doing with some of this water that was contaminated, like the heavily contaminated water. They’re trying to put it in railcars and ship it. Coincidentally and railcars and ship it down to Texas, have a company that drills 4000 feet below the water table and pumps it down in the Texas people are ticked off, which I don’t blame them. And so this is a complete disaster, you’ve got implications, health implications. They were lied to. They said to go back in their homes, everything’s safe. So you’ve got health implications that now are going to extend for a long, long time. So it’s going to be an interesting thing, how this all plays out. God bless the people of East Palestine. To hell with the administration that screwed this up, they tried to blame Trump, the Trump administration at every beck and call and everybody’s they, they made this claim that he repealed regulations on like emergency or electronic braking systems. This had nothing to do with a braking system. It had something to do with an axle tearing apart. So it had nothing to lose electronic braking and stuff and you have Chuck Schumer, you’ve got the rear admiral Budda judge, you’ve got the pedophile, Biden, you have all these people that are trying to blame Trump. It had nothing to do with Trump appealing regulate regulations, and you know, dang, well, I would call Trump out if there was any kind of nefarious activity that potentially had caused this, but there’s not an I’ll be 100% honest on that. So, I mean, it’s just everything. Everything about this quote, administration, this installed administration has everything to do with with with tribal ideology. I mean, everyone gets their job, not based on merit. They get their job based on their race, their sexual orientation, their,
their woke level or anything like that. I mean, you have the press secretary, that’s literally probably one of the dumbest human beings on earth. Who just is, if you call like a service, let’s just say you have something wrong with your phone, and you call the service and you get some guy in India. And that guy in India, people in India are remarkably brilliant, by the way, but a lot of these call centers, all they do is give them a book. And when you call, they just flip through the book, and then they read from the book. She can’t even do that. Like this press secretary. I don’t even know what her name is. But I, I know. She’s, she’s gay or queer. I don’t know what the difference being gay and queer is. So I haven’t been updated on that yet. But I know she’s that. She’s black. One, I’m not sure what else but nothing is done in merit anymore. I mean, you’ve got the guy that was head of the nuclear program, stealing dresses and jewelry out of people’s luggage. He got the job based on that you have Rear Admiral budaj edge, he was given the job because he’s, he’s gay. I mean, he’s. So it’s just like, literally, we’re letting people we’re genuinely letting people with mental illnesses dictate law and policy in this administration, that’s what you’re doing. So go down to the mental institution. And wherever they are, go down there and ask what you should put into law. And whatever they tell you implement it. And that’s what the United States government is doing right now. Legitimately. I mean, the Bible and Romans one says that men and women will engage in unnatural acts, and God will give them to a mind a depravity, when you look up depravity in the dictionary, it literally goes to an not unnatural it goes it literally goes to like a mental illness. And that’s what it is. I mean, it’s backed up with the mental illness. And so you have, you have just, we’re at a place, it’s just the fact that I have to say this, the fact that we have to talk about this is crazy. It’s absolutely crazy. There was also when you talk about crazy, there was a girls high school basketball team that made the playoffs in Vermont. And that team forfeited. They forfeited to play the championship game because on the other team, there was a six foot four dude that was mentally ill and claimed he was a woman that was playing on the other team. So this school, forfeit, they’re like we’re not doing this. We’re not playing this. That’s completely unfair. We’re not going to do it. Thank God for that school for standing up. Thank God for that school for standing up. That’s what more people need to do more people need to do that. And just completely eradicate that just just nonsense. The craziness. This is literally this is just complete fantasyland. We can’t play in this game anymore. So for that school to stand up and say you know what? Those girls had showed up before preseason they busted their rear end I played basketball in high school I know what it what it took. I know how many times I threw up because just running you know, from from courtside to courtside and go and doing sprints and doing that kind of thing. They showed up in the morning, they did the work, they did everything they could do. And you got some complete mental nut job on the other side, claiming he’s a chick that wants to play in the other team. Screw these guys. Screw these guys. Sorry, but you know what? You’re ruining women’s sports. You’re ruining what it is to be a woman. And you know what? To hell with these people, because thank God for that school in Vermont, standing up in the midst of just complete chaos in Vermont. Thank God you can stand up for that kind of stuff. Because this is nuts. It’s absolutely crazy and nuts that you would have even even have to make a claim like that. So I hope that that school is getting fundraisers and that kind of thing because these girls need to be treated for the effort that they put in all year long for the games they played. illegally, let’s just say against other girls, when you got some nutcase has some mental, you know, just mental job over there, claiming he’s a girl wanting to play with that. Now that guy needs to be in an insane asylum to be honest with you. He does not need to be in a basketball team among girls. He does not be in the locker room among girls. He does not need to be anywhere among girls. So I just it just it really it bothers me because I because You see the story, you take it at face to face value and face effort. But when you stop and think of the effort that these girls have made their entire life, think about the youth leagues, these girls have played in think about the, the junior high and some of these other things that they built their way up to high school. And the hours, hundreds of hours, they’ve spent the families that they’ve traveled all this way. And these girls finally made their goal of getting in the playoffs and going for a state title. And you got some wack bag on the other team that’s doing this nonsense. And you know what, and the politicians and the school board and the state don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say, You know what, no, you’re a biological male, you cannot play among women, they let them play, because they want to placate and, you know, push this whole political ideology. It’s absolutely insane. It’s asinine, and it’s something that shouldn’t happen here. So God bless that school in Vermont. And I really hope that those girls are celebrated for not only the the run that they made to get to the playoffs, but the stand and the sacrifice that it took for them to forfeit because you have some mental nut job on the other side, that’s pretending to be a girl. That’s completely a dude. Trust me, it’s not cool. So God bless that school and Ukraine. And there was a a person in Florida 17 year old black student, that beat the absolute living crap out of his teacher, because she took away his Nintendo Switch, he’s facing 30 years in prison, he’s held on a million dollar bond, I’m completely shocked. I didn’t know black people could be held on a million dollar bond, I really didn’t. Because you have that one guy that’s running people over in Wisconsin, that’s just getting away like that. And you’ve got the guy that’s a rancher in in Texas, who there was a migrant found dead on his land that’s being held on a million dollar bond. And he’s he said, I didn’t even shoot anybody. So literally anymore, all you can do is turn the TV on and use watch these packs of black people just beat the hell out of white people just because of race. It’s a complete hate crime. But you have the Soros organizations that installed DEA has district attorneys in these areas to not prosecute this, it’s completely allowed to go on. So I’m, I’m I’m happy number one, that Justice may be served, you never know how it’s going to actually come out. Because you know what, you have to give, you know, the racial benefit of the doubt with these people, because they’re never held to an account. And I’m not saying that as someone that is opposed to black people, I’m saying that I want an equal level of justice and an equal level, the law held to everybody that commits a crime. I’m sorry, if I was back in the Jim Crow era, which is Democrat, I would completely be standing for all the black people that were thrown hoses and all that other stuff. That’s not cool. That’s not cool. And if that doesn’t go prosecuted, I’ll be upset about that. And I’d be talking about that, then a crime is a crime. You You are born with a right to be treated as a human, when you act like an animal, and you commit a barbaric crime like that, you should be treated like an animal animals belong in cages, people like that should be in cages. 30 years is way, way, way too less. For this person who is also in 2019, this 17 year old kid was charged with three different acts of beating other people. So the fact that he was allowed to be back in a school system around other people, I hope that teacher that was beat, sues the hell out of the school board sues the hell out of the state. But you know what, even with all that money that comes in, it’s not going to even remotely come close to repairing the emotional damage that that has. So all I would say, and you see the guy in, in St. Louis, the guy, there’s a homeless guy sitting on the street, this guy just just walks up behind them, slowly loads his gun walks up and executes. carry a gun. If you don’t have a concealed weapons permit, please get it. You avoid situations avoid areas that you know it’s not racial profiling. It’s called statistics. It’s called data.
I’m sorry, it is so just you have to be smart about life anymore because there are there are hate crimes and literally black people do not think if they target white people, that is racism, literally they do not think that I saw a video the other day. And this girl basically said that black people cannot be racist against white people. That’s what they believe. That’s what society has. Has has told these people that’s what they actually believe in. You know what the people litical system the the, quote justice system is following lockstep with that. Because we’ve seen so many times where there’s legitimate hate crimes that’s not charged as a hate crime. But then you look at the whole thing with George Floyd who died of fentanyl, which basically his autopsy said that the the initial autopsy said that, then they had to come back and revise the autopsy to say something different. The reason they did that is they had to get a narrative. They had to get a complete narrative, which is interesting. Because I made the mistake of watching wag the dog on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that movie. And man, what? What a crazy, crazy movie. That is. I mean, you’re talking the President in the movie, if you haven’t seen why the dog highly recommended, but in the movie, the President is accused of sexually abusing a young girl sounds very similar to our current installed president. And they have to divert the attention. So they hire a fixer. And this fixer hires a Hollywood producer. And so the only way to divert the attention on this is to create a quote, war. They create this war with a couple clips, just a few clips, you don’t need like 24/7 footage like we’ve had in the Middle East, and Iraq, Afghanistan, all this other stuff. We don’t have any footage like that of Ukraine. This is wag the dog. What we’re seeing is wag the dog, but they put these Willie Nelson was in this movie. So the producer brings Willie Nelson in to create a song. And the song does this but then they need like act to which they need a person that’s left behind because they’re called out on some of this other stuff. So this guy whose last name is Shu, I think is Woody Harrelson that stars in that which by the way, Woody Harrelson had a pretty interesting monologue on Saturday Night Live. But we won’t get into that, because everybody’s probably covered it. You’ve heard it. I won’t rehash that. But anyway, they have these like patriotic things like yeah, they want to tie his last name was shoes that was throwing shoes and trees to show the sentiment for shoes. So every time you see you walk, you get on the street, there’s all these pairs of shoes hanging over the powerlines hanging in trees and that kind of thing. Then they said all the school was patriotic, everyone threw their shoes on the court. It’s the same thing we’re living in right now. How many times you go on social media and you see some crazy person with a Ukrainian flag in their profile, or you see a Ukrainian flag on someone’s front yard or on the back of their car or something like that. These people are so easily brainwashed. It’s just it’s literally people behind the scenes doing this. And I’m going to show you a couple clips from Ukraine that will blow your mind. If you’re listening, you may want to watch this because there’s there’s a couple clips that is pretty interesting. But yeah, wag the dog is is interesting is the tail wagging the dog, because the tail is smarter than the actual animal. And there’s so many people in this country that believe anything will go lockstep with anything anyone says. I mean, you see the whole thing now of you know, this, the oranges of COVID-19 now being proven to be a lab leak, which we’ve said at the very infancy of the show. But you have a lot of people in the left that are like digging their heels in to make sure that it’s not revealed that that’s a lab leak. That’s a call. That’s a call when you can’t just openly want transparency and real information to flow out. That’s a cold. It’s definitely cold. So I want to there’s a couple things in Ukraine because I’m telling you this whole thing with wag the dog just like I said, I watched it and I was just blown away because what’s in that movie that was released in 1998 is like, verbatim and par for the course of what’s going on now. There was I’m just gonna have to play this clip because there is a trans gender troop that’s fighting. Oh, man, there’s a transgender troop that’s fighting for Ukraine. That was from the United States. I just have to read this article first because I have to set this up before I play because if I don’t play if I don’t set this up, it’s not going to make that much sense. So Wag the Dog Ukraine trans addition. So again, this is from Jordan Shaco and there’s going to be a link on freethinkers podcast.com. So you can see this whole article there’s there’s a couple of different video clips in it, but the whole article is gonna be there. So the article says, An American man and a wig pretending to be a woman. We have seriously we all we live in a clown world we really do. who also served as a former and possibly current federal informant, shocker, who now claims the status of a frontline Ukrainian soldier. So this guy, a man, a man in a wig, pretending to be a woman who served as a federal informant now claims the status of a frontline Ukrainian soldier. I have to say the CIA is not they’re losing their their touch with this kind of stuff. Sorry. And if any of the CIA people are watching, or if any of the NSA people are watching, Rusty freethinkers podcast.com. Email me tell me how to get on the on the money laundering scheme over in Ukraine because it’s evidently not going to end. You got 10s of billions of dollars over there. So what do I mean I’ll dress up in a wig and act in give a FaceTime interview to see CBS. I mean, tell me what to do for this seriously, tell me, you know, email has been making the rounds and the corporate media, ginning up support for the Ukraine Money Pit operation, and an interview with CBS News that now has 361,000 views on Twitter. Sarah Ashton Cirilo, who was described as a woman but was previously known as Mike Michael John Cirilo transmitted a defiant dispatch from the apparent frontlines of the Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine conflict. We don’t even know if there’s Ukrainian conflict, really, it’s it’s money laundering. I know that but if there’s any actual war going on, I’ll be darned surprised. Before heading to Ukraine, Ashton Cirilo, who was also a left wing activist had worked with the FBI, F FBI, FBI, the same people who set up the fake kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer, the same people who set up the whole January 6 thing. Now this person was a work with the FBI and sting operations against Republican candidates for political office. All right, shocker. Wag the Dog trans addition, is just the latest in a series of continually absurd pieces of pro KYV aggregate prop that had been on display for the entirety of the war, suppose at war, and Ashton is far from the only US based media person who is tied to the intelligence community to become a propagandist for this war. 100% pure propaganda, I’m telling you, this is entire propaganda. This is entire theater. This is an entire thing. I mean, you’ve got a couple scenarios here, and I’m just gonna just metal for a minute. There are about 65 Different bio weapons labs in Ukraine. You’ve got the whole thing of Biden’s son Hunter, who paid $10,000 a night for a hooker several times, I don’t know what you get for $10,000. But that’s that’s a lot of money. Anyway, he paid, he did that he was on the board of Burisma, which is an energy company and oil energy company. He had no experience, but he was getting quite a bit of money a month. You have at the time, Vice President Biden who’s over there saying, if you don’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, you’re not getting the billion dollars. So you have that. Then you have the whole thing with f t x, I think is with the crypto deal. So you have that then you have all this, this money that sent over there that they can’t find billions of dollars, that supposedly it’s just vanished out of thin air. There’s nothing real going on with this. This is one this is an entire money laundering operation. That I guarantee you, it’s FTX is what the crypto thing is, but I guarantee you a lot of that money came back through crypto through FTX. And then they abolished FTX. So there’s no trace.
I guarantee you came back and they bought all these politicians off. I guarantee you, and this is my opinion. But I would guarantee you that Mitch McConnell is big on this. I guarantee Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi I guarantee all these people are big on the take through FTX through all these exchanges. So again, my opinion, but I’ve been pretty accurate with this. Go back and any any episodes since episode one on anything we’ve said on COVID or anything like that, too. I am wrong about one thing because I haven’t been wrong about one thing yet. On that, anyway. Meanwhile, the US is reading another 10 billion for Ukraine. Again, if you’re watching, CIA, NSA, any of these guys, let me know. Let me know. With this latest disbursement allocated for kids notoriously corrupt bureaucrats, the third most corrupt country in the world, by the way, since last year, the United States taxpayer has been looted. That’s a good term to the tune of well over $100 billion to support the Ukraine they say operation here, but I say money laundering. But don’t worry, fellow Americans, the transgender frontline soldier, who was totally not a Fed, he was making the rounds on television to assure you that victory is right around the corner, just send Ukraine what it needs, like the fighter jets. Now there’s Congressman wanting F 16 to go in there. This is the same army, the Ukrainian army that could not figure out a surface to air missile, they accidentally fired it over into Poland and killed two people in Poland. These people can’t I mean, give them an F 16. Are you kidding me? That’s a waste of money. modern tanks and hundreds of billions of additional taxpayer dollars from Russia will be defeated. I can’t tell you anything on that other than this is a wee bit crazy. And I say a wee bit because I’m honoring Irish history. But anyway, watch this clip right here because this is the transgender soldier. This is a dude that’s dressed up in a wig as a chick. And this is a dude that’s acting like he got hit. Now notice also that his hand that’s hurt. It’s bandage but there’s also Ukrainian flag down there. Great optics, if you believe that I got a bridge. So yeah, watch this.
So I want to point something out. Sarah, I’ve been following you on Twitter. I saw your last post it was 1516 hours ago, you said that you were moving sort of closer to the front lines, but you did not look like that. So I have to ask you, I see the bandages are you okay? What’s been happening over the last 24 hours or so?
So an intense amount of fighting broke out. We are the 209th battalion from Harkey globalist. We’re serving what’s known as the zero line. And at the zero line, it’s our job to repel any Russian advances. There’s nobody between us and the Russians. And due to this, we were in a significant fight. We inflicted tremendous casualties on the invading forces. But the reality is I was hit by shell fragments I’ve lost part of I’ve lost part of my hand. And I have significant scarring on my face. However, we decided to go ahead with this interview, due to the fact that with the fighting still taking place above us, I’m in the trench right now. We wanted to get the message out that Ukraine is stronger than ever after one year of the full scale invasion. And we are looking forward to completing the victory and pushing Russia out and achieving the 1991 borders that President Zelensky has stated is our goal.
The goal of Zelinsky Solinsky let’s see what Zelinsky is doing. Here’s the president of Ukraine. This is not fake. This is legitimate the president of Ukraine
got one line on the horse’s side is the cool man. away from him take your costumer home we Prasanna gorgeous, beautiful Tom for the sake of Gucci. That’s him. He’s a gay actor. He’s a gay actor. So you’ve got a guy who’s a gay actor that goes out there with little underwear shoes and a guitar. Who’s about five foot one? I’m not the tallest guy in the world, but I tower over that guy. And that’s the guy leading this whole thing. He’s an actor. He’s a legitimate actor, if you didn’t know that, because because they didn’t want you to know that you look that up. That’s not a fake clip. That’s legitimate from a show he was he’s legitimate on that show. This is all fake. It’s all fake. And I’m telling you, it’s off at when I watched that movie. I’m just sitting there with my mouth open like this is crazy. I mean, the they forecasted this and they’re going by the same playbook and in the same script. Zelinsky is the Woody Harrelson character. He’s just not flown back. That’s what everyone’s trying to do. There’s there’s actual per some in Congress it wants to put a bust of the gay guitar player guys Alinsky. In the US Capitol. Are you kidding me? I mean, it’s so crazy. It’s like all these people throwing shoes on the court because they feel patriotic, hook, line and sinker. They have them. I mean, you have like the CIA Operation Mockingbird telling the news stations what to say. And that’s why we played that clip before with you where they’re saying every news station is the exact same thing. This is all this is a corporate cartel. And I’ve said this ad nauseam, but please get this in your head. This is not a legitimate country. This is not a legitimate government. It’s a corporate criminal cabal posing as a country. What is a government it’s a group of people that are controlling certain things, and that either enforce or create laws one way or the other. We see there’s a complete different standard for people that are on the left corrupt politicians on the left, like Pelosi, like Biden, there’s a there’s a complete different standard. This is not unlike a nation of law. Steve days said this is a guy I follow quite often. He said this is not a nation of laws is a nation of political will. I have one more clip I’m gonna show you because this is from Ukraine. And I can’t vet this 100%. But I’m going to show it to you because I believe there’s enough truth to this. That is believable. But I’ve worked in 3d effects. For a long time, I’ve worked in camera tracking, where I can take a drone or I can take a camera. And I can do planar mapping, which means if there’s a building, I can define those planes on the x, y z axis and I can map something over it. So let’s just say there’s there’s a big field that there’s a building going to be I can fly a drone around, I can do 3d camera tracking, and I can hire a company to make a photorealistic building that just pops up and grows from the ground and we can fly around and we can do whatever we want when you see the very few pictures you’ve seen from Ukraine there’s a lot that can be fabricated this guy’s claiming that he has pictures of what the news published as war sites meaning destruction at certain sites. And then he’s taking these pictures down and showing what the building actually looks like now. And again, like I said, I can’t vet this 100% But I’m gonna show you enough and if you’re on the podcast, I’d encourage you to go to free things podcast.com and go to the show notes and then we have a link to the clip of this but watch this because it’s interesting because what they’ve shown you have these buildings in ruins and destruction and then when you bring it down and see to modern day this is what it is it looks completely normal here it is
from the warehouse Oh see another civilian building there bombed out No, it’s fine you got cars parked in front gas station see a forest and road it’s fine these are all things I guarantee you that if they gave me this original image I can make it look bombed out 100% car upside down again so now let’s completely store house another building they show their show in the street are showing ruins and bombed out easy to make and more easy to make
so it’s Yeah, so it’s it’s definitely easy. It’s definitely super easy to to make something like that. If you gave me a picture of any house. I could send some of the some of the team that I have. And we can we can definitely make it look like there was a bomb dropped in that house in that front yard. And again, watch wag the dog. I’m telling you watch that movie because there’s going to be a lot of references to that movie. Unlike anything else that you’ve seen. And one of the other interesting things and I know I brought this up before, but we’ve done initially on this podcast that we called it out very, very early that this was a this was a bio weapon COVID we’re gonna we’re gonna switch to COVID At this point, that it was a bio weapon, that it was a leak from the Wuhan lab of virology in that study, chimera, which is bat viruses. COVID viruses,
was funded by the National Institute of Health through Anthony Fauci through Fort Dietrich, which was probably where it was made.
The money was sent from Anthony Fauci to through eco Health Alliance, because in order to directly fund gain of function research, but it was went through eco Health Alliance, eco Health Alliance, made that work on lab. So the the narrative, which Fauci tried to prevent anyone from saying was that and if you’ve watched this podcast, you remember me talking about Wuhan Willie. He was the dude that had the soup, the bat soup, and the Wuhan market. Wuhan Willie had no clue that he created this global pandemic that would kill millions and all that other stuff. That’s what the US government and that’s what some of these other institutions expected you to believe in. A lot of people that are left leaning, believe that through cognitive dissonance. So the nearest Batcave was 900 miles between 900 and 1000 miles from the Wuhan market. And if I was at Wuhan Willie’s little space that he had selling his soup in the Wuhan market. And I took a tennis ball and had my racket and was McEnroe and the heck out of that to do that serve. I could take that tennis ball and hit it and make it in the parking lot of the Wu Han, bio weapon lab that study COVID viruses. So you’re gonna tell me that a dude making bat soup? It was leaked out of that or, literally, I can hit a tennis ball and hit the building from Wuhan Willie’s little, little spot there at the market. A better explanation would be that it was a leak from that lab. Now, Stephen Colbert, I’m not gonna say his name French because I don’t really care about that a guy is just a complete propagandist and toolbag that dress people up in vaccine needles and all that other stuff. But he had Jon Stewart on his show. And I don’t think cold, Colbert liked it, because Jon Stewart made so much sense. And I want to play this for you. Because it was it was absolutely classic, it was absolutely brilliant. Because it’s called Thinking outs out thinking inside the box of common sense. I don’t want to say thinking outside the boxes, that would be okay, it came from somewhere else, whatever. This is thinking inside the box of common sense. So want to play this clip, because this was a big thing. And Colbert got on his show. And he’s like, Well, the department of energy released it with a low confidence when the FBI released it with a moderate confidence. But common sense tells you there’s a high confidence that this leak or COVID originated from the lab, there was a lot of people within the lab that were hospitalized months before this was an official leak through this. So I think it got out within the lab, then it got out in different places had nothing to do with Wuhan Willy, he can go back to his selling soup. Chill out with the bats, but it’s not gonna it’s not gonna even It’s crazy to think that the US government expects you to believe that. But I want you to watch this clip from Jon Stewart. Because this guy makes more sense than anything. And he takes Stephen Colbert way off his game, because he can’t even defend this because it makes so much sense. I think you’d enjoy this watch this.
i And I honestly mean this, I think we owe a great debt of gratitude. to science, science, has in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic. Which was more than likely caused by science
and that’s kind of what I was. No, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, listen.
Coffee, I wouldn’t do that. Don’t do that to you. What do you do? So what do you mean by do you mean like, there’s a chance that this is created in a lab? There’s an investigation a chance. Well, I don’t know. I have evidence. I’d love to hear
novel respiratory Coronavirus, overtaking Wuhan China.
What do we do? Oh, you know, we
could ask the Wuhan novel respiratory Coronavirus lab.
The disease is the same name as the lab. That’s just that’s just a little too weird, don’t you think? And then,
some scientists are like, how did this so wait a minute you work at the Wuhan respiratory Coronavirus lab.
How did this happen? And they’re like, a pangolin kissed a turtle. And you’re like, No, you look at the name we’re giving me can I let me see your business card? Show me your business card. Oh, I work at the Coronavirus lab in Wuhan. Oh because there’s a Coronavirus, Lucien Whoo. And how did that happen? Maybe a bat flew into the clove acre of a turkey and then it sneezed into my chili. And now we all have Coronavirus. Like come on. Wait a second. All right. Oh my god. Oh my god. There’s been an outbreak of chocolatey goodness. Near Hershey, Pennsylvania. What do you think happened? Like, oh, I don’t know. Maybe steam shovel made it with a cocoa bean? Or it’s the Chocolate Factory? Maybe that’s it? That could be that could.
That makes more sense that any elected official we have other than potentially Rand Paul. I mean, it’s common sense. It’s complete common sense. And I think you even saw Colbert laughing because you know, he’s a paid shill. You know, he’s part of the whole the whole scheme and all this other stuff. And I mean, this whole thing, I mean, I’ve got notes all over here, I didn’t even get to because we spent so much time on some of the crazy stuff. And I had his whole section that I was going to get to, and we’re gonna have to do the next one because it would it would completely take too long. But all that to say is I would highly recommend if you haven’t watched wag the dog, watch wag the dog. Number two, I would highly recommend you don’t believe anything your government tells you 00 There was a friend of mine, who was doing some tactical training the other day with a person and a very, very, very, very, very high level. I didn’t want to say high level. I’m not gonna say where he’s from. And my friend was asking him about a couple things. He goes, dude. Everything they tell you don’t believe anything. Everything they tell you don’t believe it. He goes they there’s like little shreds that they put in there to keep it like buoyant a little bit or at least about five feet below the surface. He goes there lying about everything. Everything. This was a very, very, very, very high level person. They’re lying about everything. Again, you can be patriotic, you can love your country. But the but the country is is overtaken by a criminal corporate Cabal. What does that mean? A criminal corporate cabal is a group of people that are that are in the controls. Now, let’s put it something very, very simple. I live in a neighborhood with an association. I like my neighborhood, great location, great amenities pay way too much. But it is what it is. The president of the association and the board are completely different. There’s not one person that’s the same as when I bought this place in 2005. They control the the the law, the bylaws, what I’m allowed to do and certain areas of this stuff. They control that that group of people creates the governing body of my association. So the sign on the neighborhood has been the same for 30 years. That would be the country that would be the flag the sign and the sign in the neighborhood is the flag right? The people there are the ones that create Eat the experience for everybody. Within with with with that resides, I guess under that authority. So my whole point with that being is you have a lot of people within these bureaucratic institutions, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, all these other things that are, are unelected, that are pulling the strings that are making decisions that affect your life in mind. That, that is the governing body of this country, that is the government. Now, they’re supposed to abide by the Constitution and the laws laid out. And those are the parameters in which they can operate. But they don’t always stay within those parameters. And that’s true. So my point is, you can be patriotic, you can love your country. But you can understand that everything that these people, these, the, the group that makes up the governing body is a lie, because you have Obama, who started seeing these people. He was a community organizer. We all made fun of him for that. But he knew what he was doing. Because he’s a grassroots level, you start seeing these people in there. And Trump didn’t have the discernment. He doesn’t have discernment about a lot. He surrounds himself with some of the worst people on Earth, but didn’t have the discernment to completely clean house. He tried to play Mr. Nice Guy and say, you guys can stay here you guys, it completely backfired on him. All that to say is, do not trust anything that government if the government told me to not jump off my balcony, I would jump off my balcony. I mean, that’s how that’s how much I distrust them. They’ve lied about I mean, literally. If we had a podcast that said, Hey, we’re going to talk tonight about the the truce that the government gave us about COVID-19 it would last about 10 seconds. Literally, it would last 10 seconds. There’s 10 sec probably 10 seconds truth about COVID-19. And that is there’s a virus called COVID-19. All right, good night, we’re gonna talk to you all soon. That’s it. They lied about the origins. They lied about the law without without legality of it as a hard word to say. They lied about. They initially tried to go and attack against ivermectin so they can get the emergency without authorization for the other drug. And all this, again, is the criminal corporate Cabal. You’ve got the FDA the revolving door, you’ve got the people that leave the FDA, and they go work for Pfizer, the people that work for Pfizer that get installed in the FDA knowing or come back out into a golden parachute type job. That’s what that’s what’s making this so you can you can absolutely despise the people that’s controlling the government and still love your country.
That flag right there means a lot to me. This constitution right here means a lot to me. And you know what it’s holding on by a thread.
The reason we do this podcast is we may not have the reach, we may not have the audience of a temple or a Joe Rogan or some of these other people. But we have some I mean, we are reaches probably a few 1000. But if we can educate a few 1000 that can then go educate at least one that can educate at least one and educate at least one I mean, we’re winning at that point. And that’s the that’s the call. That’s the mantra. That’s the reason that this exists. Like I said, it’s this isn’t monetized. I’m not making money on this. I’m in my home office, I’ve got a camera here. I’ve got a light here, light here, light there and stuff. Like I set this up. And when I’m done, I’m gonna take it all down and get to work. This is where I work. This is my desk at home. I was down to the studio at my office, they’re setting some stuff up for a couple of things we have coming for you. I mean, I’m passionate about getting the word out. I’m passionate about educating people because I know that education matters. And I know that if you know something that if you know the truth and you can see behind the veil and you see behind the facade and you see what wag the dog is going and when they tell you something you can critically think of okay, when we see this, this random Chinese bloom that we’re no one’s talking about anymore. But what did it divert From it diverted from the pipeline that Biden blew up. That’s a big deal. But everyone’s looking up talking about some stupid Chinese balloon, you got to train that derailed that you got 10s of 1000s of people. I mean, think if you just think critically about this administration, and what they play to that area in Ohio, is about 80%. Republican and about 95%. White, you think Biden is gonna go there for that? No, you got a Memphis, Tennessee and you get a black guy that has a paper cut, Air Force One is gonna be touching down there soon, that guy is going to be on his knees, kissing that paper cut. Think about it. That’s, that’s the world we live in at this point. It’s all it’s all political. It’s all theater. It’s all theater. So if you believe a thing, this government’s telling you, you’re out of your mind. You’re adding what you have to critically think for yourself, you have to, you have to do your own in do your own research. And when I say do your own research, bypass the quote, fact checkers, because those guys are bought and paid for. There was an interview I was listened to the other day, about the political journey, not political at the medical journals. Those are all bought and paid for. You have the medical schools that back in the day, they used to teach you how to treat through food, through supplementation, through different practices, how to cure diseases, then when you have the pharmaceutical companies that started sponsoring these schools and having the you know, the, their name over the door, then they started teaching you how to prescribe to, to treat a disease and illness. So you’re chemically counteracting that, which then you have the medical merry go round. Because when you take that one pill, okay, so may treat that symptom, but it causes 18 Other side effects to which you have to take another pill for that, that causes more side effects. That’s called the medical America. So all I have to say is wag the dog is, is the big theme of this because this, it’s all optics, it’s it’s all optics, anything comes with coming from the government, don’t believe it, do your own research, and do your own critical thinking. Because that’s going to leave you in a great position and a great spot and a great space. To understand what’s really going on. I mean, you’ve got train derailments all over the country, you’ve got industrial facilities burning down all over the country, you there’s a purpose for that, there’s an actual purpose for that. And critically think about it again, I had so much more I was gonna cover. I’m gonna have to come back to y’all with that. But, man, I miss y’all. I’ve got a lot of stories to tell you about Memphis. So stay tuned for the next one. Because that’s what this whole article right here is going to be about. It’s gonna be about a couple experiences I had in Memphis and it’s going to be, it’s gonna be a good one. So I hope you’ll have a great rest of the week. Happy Irish history month. I want to tell you a couple Irish words right now. Because I have a have a big client in Ireland and I love the way they talk. And it’s instead of how America was a third. They don’t say the third. They just say the tired instead of the fourth, it’s the fourth and all that stuff. So it’s it’s awesome. So it’s if you ever get a chance to say 34 It’s tidy far and and just just run with that because it’s one of the greatest accidents I’ve ever had. I haven’t gonna have a chance to go to Ireland pretty soon again. Love that place beautiful countryside. Hope they can keep their way of life and not let craziness overtaken. But anyway, again, watch wag the dog if you get a chance. Don’t believe anything your government tells you. Do your own research. Be frosty because the Natalia they’re coming for you? Love y’all. We’ll talk to you soon.

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