What in the World? Candid Conversations

We’re just going to have a candid conversation about a few things going on in our world. We examine the devastating toxic train derailment in Ohio, discussing the environmental impact, the response of emergency services, and the potential long-term effects on the affected communities. We also delve into the release of Steve Deace’s new book, “Rise of the 4th Reich”. In addition, we take a deep dive into the Ameripolitan music awards, which celebrate classic country artists and the rich history of the genre. Finally, we explore the revival happening at Asbury College, and the impact it’s having on the campus community, and its broader implications for Christian higher education. All that and more on this episode.

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Welcome to another episode of the free thinkers podcast the show that believes in free speech, original thought and desire for truth. I hope everyone’s having a great week. Again when I encourage everyone to go to free thinkers podcast.com and sign up for email or text alerts. I’ve got to tell you, I gave it a shot to do the daily show and we started doing a couple of those. It’s just not gonna work. I can’t do everything I need to do and to prepare and do all this stuff on a daily show. But we’re gonna commit to doing at least one show a week. So we may have more than one a week if some another balloon gets shot down or some you know, crazy thing like that if Joe Biden actually addresses the nation, we may be so surprised that we’ll come on and do another one but committed to doing a weekly show for you all the daily show like I said, just not gonna work. There’s this is a one man band, one man operation and until that changes until you know, a little bit more support and all that other stuff. Just not gonna be able to happen so but anyway, we will be doing one a week. So that’s gonna be fun. You know tonight, it’s just gonna be a conversation. I don’t have much of stories read. I don’t have anything like that. I’ve got a couple of notes as far as just some topics to cover. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world. The one thing that I can tell you that I’m most concerned about is this train derailment. In Ohio, I think it’s East Palestine, Ohio. And that was a train owned by Norfolk Southern whose major investors are the same old people BlackRock, Vanguard State Street, JP Morgan, that kind of thing. Now, you have to understand you haven’t heard a lot about this train derailment, except on social media because the outcry from the people that we live in East Palestine they’re nervous they’re scared their water supply is absolutely contaminated. It’s went into the Ohio River which flows into the Mississippi. That is bad stuff. That’s vinyl chloride. vinyl chloride is really really bad stuff. I did some research on it the other day when it gets airborne as far as when it burns. It turns into like a hydrochloric acid. And there’s there are shots that you can see from above the cloud layer that looks like this huge mushroom cloud. And of course, they evacuated people within a mile radius. And then they immediately told them, they can go back to their house. And it’s just something’s something’s really off about this. But the reason they’re covering for that and again, I want you guys to always do your own research is go look at the major shareholders of news corporations, then look at the major shareholders of Norfolk Southern, and you’ll see why they’re not covering this the major share, they own the majority stake in both companies. So they’re going to cover for each other when a situation like this occurs. You have a lot of people finding dead animals, there’s dead fish and streams and waters. People are going to be affected by this for a long time. As a matter of fact, there was a news article, not a news article was a news report that I watched a little video on and the lady was actually telling the citizens to go ahead and get their health assessment now. So down the road, if something happens, God forbid they can measure from this point on. So let’s just say in two years, there’s all these cancers and all this other stuff developed they can say okay, I got tested on February 10. And this, this was the baseline for my health. This was attributed to this, this, this derailment and they intentionally ignited the chemicals on fire to get rid of them so they can open the train track back up and get commerce back through. Interesting story about that. I love trains. I have a house in Georgia. It’s It’s near Cordele. Cordele has what they call a diamond, which is where that Norfolk Southern and the CSX lines crossed, one goes east west one goes north south and actually had this pavilion setup where you can go and sit and you can listen to the train conductors, radio calls, and you can sit there and watch and there’s a lot of people that travel from a lot, a lot of different places around the southeast and come to watch that because that’s a major place to do it. Anyway, the house that I have is not far from there. And it has a dual line. It’s a CSX line that has a dual line and a lot of times the conductors or the trains will stop because they’re waiting for another train to pass and the conductors get out and go to the store and get something or whatever and I’m sometimes towards the evening beautiful sunset I go down there’s my golf cart, listen to music, watch trains go by. I enjoy it. I think it’s cool. I’ve talked to a lot of these conductor conductors. They’ve got off their trains, they’ll just come sit in the golf cart with me. We’ll talk and I’m just I’m fascinated. I’m curious about Hey, where are you coming from? Where are you going? Are you the only one? A lot of these people. The majority of these guys, they’re the only ones driving these trains that are the length is insane. I can’t I cannot remember the length but it is. It’s insane. When I think there’s a term called precision railroad management or something of that sort. And what that is, is now you have like two engines in the front with all these cars and then you have two more engines in the middle. And then all these other cars behind. I mean, it’s a monster train, but they’re trying to just put as much as they can and get that thing rolling through. But one day I want to say it was three years ago. I got up early in the morning, and I went to go home and the deer stands that I have is northwest of my house. So I got on the highway, went down the road and went under and a train overpass. There’s the highway goes under the train overpass. So I go under the overpass and about 10 minutes later I get to the area get out of my truck and start walking to the stand and I hear kaboom. And I didn’t know what it was. It’s near Warner Robins I assumed it was a plane breaking the sound barrier it happens quite often up there. But one of my buddies texted and he said hey are you through the train? Overpass yet? And I said yeah, I am he goes that train just derailed. A D re derailed in Byron Ville, Georgia. You can look it up. And they had I don’t know what chemicals they they evacuated the town. But I’ll tell you that train was running back through there on that track. They got out they brought I mean it was like the circus came to town. I mean, just railroad car after railroad car, truck vehicle utility kind of trucks coming through there. And they were had these claws and they would, you know move the tankers off. They had the the people there to fix the track and they had that train running right back through. Trains are a very efficient and effective form of commerce. But the shortcuts they’re taking now as far as I heard, a guy that worked for the railroad and one of these these videos said that it normally took about three minutes to inspect a like an axle of a train. They’d cut that down to 90 seconds now just to get it through so they can move faster and they can get this thing going again, I’m not a huge fan of regulation. But I think in an instance like this, you just when you’re carrying hazardous materials like that when you’re doing I mean these things, book it I mean, sometimes these things are just absolutely cooking through there. And there’s a lot of times that that it’s kind of nervous when I actually ever since that derailment when if there’s like a train crossing and trains come through, I’ll stay about four or five car lengths back at least from the track and I’m ready to put that thing in reverse and get out of dodge if something crazy happens but I mean, that is a that’s a serious issue as far as what they have in East Palestine, Ohio. I I hope they can get that situation remedied. I hope that there can be transparency and what happens to that area what’s going on with the water? What’s going on? In the air? Or is there sediment that is toxic that these people don’t need to be around? They call it you know, America’s Chernobyl, but I mean, it’s really it’s that bad. And so I’ve you know I’ve kind of kept up on it. I encourage you to kind of keep up on it and I encourage you to speak out about that. I mean contact if you’re in that area, you know, you’ve got to get with your local representatives you got to get with your state representatives as well. And within that area. I mean you’re talking to at this point that’s an East Ohio. It affects I mean, that cloud went all the way up to through Detroit. I know Detroit already had bad water so this is going to even make it worse but there’s this is bad news. So we’ve we’ve keep those guys in your prayers up there because this is it’s just not a good it’s not a good situation and the matter matter of fact, that’s gonna affect all of us is as far as what you’re talking about, with, you know, getting into the Mississippi River. That’s not going to be good. That’s not going to be good because that kind of you know, that’s going to flow eventually into the Gulf and who knows how long that residue and those talks that toxicity will remain.
So we’ll see we’ll see on there. Speaking of the Mississippi River, I’m going to be in Memphis, Friday, heading up there to the Metropolitan awards on Sunday. It’s going to be at the guest house at Graceland, one of my friends DALE WATSON. He’s a country music singer. He’s put that on for I don’t know, eight years now, I think and I help him out with that. I thoroughly enjoy that. That’s the that’s real country music. I mean, it’s it’s in, you know, in the style and the genre of you know, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings and George Jones and Tammy wide net and Ray Price and I mean, you can go on and on and on. Just good. Good real country music, not kind of the spirit of the day where you honestly can’t determine whether it’s country or the Backstreet Boys, but be I’m gonna be up there for that. It’s a metropolitan metropolitan.org If you’re interested, they may live stream but I’m not 100% sure right now, but that’s going to be Sunday. If you’re in the area. There may still be tickets, if you’re not looking to it for next year. We’ll get some information out to you a little bit earlier and my friend DALE WATSON is going to be on this podcast and we’re going to talk to him about it. He’s been a staunch supporter of a lot of the artists that didn’t want to go along with these mandates. And I’m gonna talk to him about kind of some of the struggles that they had, you know, with some of the smaller artists like that. There’s some incredible talent out there. And we’ve lost a lot of them lately. I mean, you know, some of them are a little bit older or whatever. But if there’s two artists, I can tell you to look up if you’ve got Spotify or something like that. The first one I mean, listen to Dale. DALE WATSON is great. But the other two artists that I’ve discovered through there that I really, really, really like, number one, his name is James hand. James passed away a couple of years ago, but his music is absolutely incredible, just brilliant songwriter. And that’s the great thing about these people, they actually write their own music. It’s not like they’re just, you know, a shuttle service for for Nashville to you know, pump stuff out and that kind of thing. But James hand, amazing talent, and then another one. That’s kind of a hidden gem. His name is Zephaniah. Oh, hora and I’m telling you he’s a spitting image sound of Merle Haggard. I mean, just I was listening to him today while I was working, just brilliant music. And you’ll never hear either of these guys on pop country and for a reason because they’re actually true artists. Just really really really good artists. So anyway, not to tear anybody down. I’m just saying that these guys are small and they don’t cave to the Nashville sound and kind of what that’s become. But But yeah, if you have a chance to check that out, I think you’d really enjoy it if you’d like that kind of music. It’s hard not to it’s just it’s it’s American, great country music and it’s something that should be celebrated and I’m glad that they’ll put this event on to celebrate these people that probably aren’t celebrated and aren’t played a whole lot. So thank God for, you know, outlaw country on Sirius XM. I know that they play a lot of the Metropolitan artists and maybe we’ll have some on we will just kind of cycle these through on our weekly you know, shows and that kind of thing. I’m trying to get Dale to do a podcast himself and interview the artists to get them a little bit more exposure in the metropolitan itself some exposure so I offered to do that. For him as if I need anything else to do, but I just I love to help people with stuff they’re passionate about and truly, that truly need help to get the message out. So maybe that’s something we’ll do on that. And speaking of country music, and sports the Superbowl Sunday, I did not watch a minute of it. If you did not watch a minute of it, God bless you. I had other things to do and I just I don’t get into the political slash race field fest that the NFL is put on now. But I will tell you if you didn’t watch it. You gotta go see Chris Stapleton ins rendition of the national anthem. Absolutely incredible. Probably the best version I’ve ever heard in my life. Got to go listen to it. It was absolutely astounding. Phenomenal. It was what it should be and it was just it was it was awesome. So I want to also say again, like I said, we’re not going to be able to do a daily show. It’s just too much production sending out all that other stuff. But I will tell you if there is anybody that I would recommend highly recommend that you listen to on a daily basis. It is Steve days D AC e is the Steve de show. They are on Blaze, but you can find them anywhere podcasts or you can listen to audio version, or you can go to blaze tv.com And I think it’s like nine bucks a month and you can subscribe to blaze. I am not affiliated with Blaze. I’m not getting paid to say this Steve is a big influence in my life and I listened to him I tried to listen to him almost on a daily basis. He comes on at noon to two every single day and ever since we lost the great rush limbaugh 1206 has never been the same I miss rush I love love rush to death and I started listening to him in high school with a with a Walkman and then the cord run up my my sleeve that I’d sit there and do like this and listen to him in class. I was always passionate about the things that you know we you know as far as politics and just current events in the way the world works and he’s he was always so brilliant as far as just to break it down. And sometimes when we wanted to get a little overreacting he bring us back down to reality and just keep us centered and So Russia is somebody we’re gonna miss but Steve days is is is taking his place. I’ve listened to him for several years. And he has really, really, really been, again a very big influence to me my life and how I do this show as far as the information, excuse me, and he’s just come out with a book he and Daniel Horowitz wrote a book called Rise of the Fourth Reich. That book was supposed to be delivered to my house yesterday. It’s about COVID fascism. And it’s written in a trial form, meaning that they’re doing Nuremberg trials. So they’re talking about laying the evidence out for what the conspirators to this as far as the government entities, the Big Pharma and entities, the big tech, I call it Big control all that colludes together for a thing called Big control. But Steve’s book was released yesterday, again, still isn’t delivered today. I was going to be able to show you a book and read a little bit. Show you the book and read a little bit from it. But I’m not able to do that. We’ll have to get to that next week but I will highly recommend I’ve read a little bit of the sample chapter. I will highly recommend that you go to amazon.com they may not deliver it because they’re late with mine. But anyway, Rise of the Fourth Reich and it deals with COVID Fascism and it’s just it’s going to be a barnburner if enough people get their hands on it and you can share the facts and stats and the real information about what really happened and who was involved and what should happen to what what is the punishment and I want to say the website is trials and executions.com You should go to that website. I think they give you a free chapter that you can read. I read through that first part, and it was just absolutely amazing. So I would highly recommend that book. He’s also come out with a movie that the trailer was released yesterday. It’s called nefarious and I would highly recommend you to go see that it’s the there’s a lot going on with Steve and he is just He is God had his has his hand on Steve at this point and as far as just to be able to shift the culture and the political minds of a lot of people I think that it’s it’s it’s it’s an amazing, it’s an amazing time. So again, I’d recommend go go watch the trailer for nefarious and then also place an order for that book Rise of the Fourth Reich and subscribe to his podcast because like I said, I’m not able to do this on a daily basis. I’ll do it on a weekly basis. But to get amazing information. It’s it Steve days totters in an era McIntyre the three of them together just do an amazing job. I can’t say enough good things about it nor recommend them highly enough for that. And again, I like I said with with Rush being gone. I think there’s nothing better than listening to Steve at this point. Again, we’ll always Miss Miss rush. But if there’s someone that I would say to replace, obviously will never replace rush. That’s what I’m trying to say. But anyway, Steve’s here, and we’ll, I would highly recommend that.
Another thing that’s going on that I would invite you to look up and it’s not getting any coverage but there’s a revival going on Asbury college and we’re into the I want to say the 140/8 hour they just started in a chapel service out there at college one of my good friends Brett graduated from Asbury and man handed God is moving out there and they are just just like I said 140 something straight hours it just worship and they haven’t left. And they’re just going and going and going and I’m telling you, if there’s anything we need in this country at this point, it’s just a spark of revival. We need God more than ever. And I mean with all this crazy stuff going on. It’s just it’s we need that we definitely need that. So I would I would invite you to go on social media. And look at what’s going on at Asbury college. It’s it’s absolutely amazing. There’s a couple of people I follow on Twitter that that are posting videos videos of it and it’s just it’s pretty awesome. It’s pretty awesome. So God’s moving out there and hopefully it spreads. Hopefully it spreads to other colleges and these young kids and not just young kids, but people of all ages can just understand the absolute love and devotion. That God has for us. And you know what he’s trying to do in this land in this country we’re at we’re definitely you know, the Bible says the, the the wars and the fights we fight aren’t with flesh and blood but there was spiritual principalities and powers. And that’s more evident now than it’s ever been and I think we, you know, we need to understand that and, and it’s just, it’s a it’s an amazing thing to see God move in a situation like that. So, like I said, keep them in your prayers, go in there and follow them and just give them encouragement, because that’s an amazing thing. And as much as we’d like to criticize things that aren’t going right, we need to lift up and encourage things that are going right. So I would encourage everyone to do that for sure. Balloons. We’re still talking about balloons, one of the funniest things that I’ve seen is about these balloons. His I thought I thought this was a joke, but I think this actually came out of the State Department. And they said that these balloons they don’t know what they are, but they could be balloons from a used car auto lot now I can’t. I can’t tell you my thoughts and feelings about my patriotism at that point. I just can’t imagine we’re paying two or $3 billion for f 22 Raptors to go shoot down. used auto lat balloons from Ralph’s. Salvage yard that got loose or something like that and flew over the Great Lakes. I just can’t imagine that that’s where we are as a nation where we are is as a people. This has just been an amazing instance of what’s going on peep I mean, there’s just there’s there’s no communication number one and number two, we have things that based on what they’re saying. We don’t know if they’re a UFO, we don’t know if they’re espionage balloon like they’re claiming from China. We don’t know if it’s just random junk. That’s up in the air. We don’t know but they’re starting to shoot this stuff down now after this one balloon went through the country. But also it’s kind of diverting a lot of attention from a the train derailment be what’s going on in Ukraine. See the Nord Stream pipeline that was blown up, that evidently was blown up by a direct directive of the Biden administration. We also have the Epstein list that’s released. There’s so much going on. That it’s a really really convenient time to have UFOs and balloons and whatever else. Rouse your car lot. releasing an accidental balloon that sets the NORAD off and the United States and Canada have to talk about a used car lot balloon. I don’t know if I would have said that out loud. I probably would have kept that in if that was the actual case. But these people again, it’s a circus looking for a 10 so it’s it’s an amazing it’s an amazing time to be be around but again, we have a lot to be thankful for. There’s a lot that’s going on. That’s good. And yeah, it’s really hard to get up every single day and deal with the stuff that’s going on. One of the interesting things that I know that we had was this interview with Mr. Hamlin now this has been the weirdest story I’ve ever seen in my life with with with this guy. There’s something going on, in my opinion. There’s a cover up going on. It obviously was caused by the vaccine again, my opinion because he was not released. And then when stray Han did that interview with ABC. He asked him he said, so let’s talk about this. He’s talking about CPR. He’s talking about all this other stuff. He goes Okay, so what are the doctors tell you happen? Why did your heart stop and he kind of looked and thought Hamlin did and then he said I’d rather not talk about that now. Again, my opinion, but I think hush money was paid to him. I think he was paid to not reveal the cause of that. I think he should just have a jacket on with the Pfizer logo on it. And again, the major shareholders of Pfizer are Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street look it up. Don’t trust me. Look it up. Again. All these things are connected. And now guess why the news stations aren’t going to cover the side effects of the death jab. They’re not going to cover the amount of people that are dying from the vaccine. They’re not going to cover the fact that with every booster you get the higher your rate of getting COVID is in and dying from it. They’re not gonna cover that because both the major shareholders and the major owners are Blackrock Vanguard and State Street and that’s by design. It’s by design, they cover it for each other. And that’s why I’ve always said this is not a legitimate government. This is a criminal corporate cabal posing as a country. Prove me wrong on that. Prove me wrong on that because I’m not. I am definitely not wrong on that. We’re gonna do a little scroll here and just see what’s going on. On the news. I don’t know. Here. Here we are. Live. We got Pete budaj egg. Who was talking about that the United States doesn’t have enough white I mean, black construction workers have too many white construction workers while vinyl chloride was burning in Ohio. So that was that was great. Oh, now he blames Trump for the Ohio derailment. Of course. He blames Trump for that. I mean, I’m not a Trump fan. I think everyone knows that. I think one of the biggest things when you have a podcast the ones that are very successful are either they’re polarizing. They’re either like far right or far left. I criticize everybody. Because if you do something dumb if you do something that’s against freedom, I’m going to criticize you I don’t care. I don’t see a Republican Party. I don’t see a democrat party. I see freedom and I see tyranny. I’m going to always side with freedom. I’m going to always side with personal responsibility. I’m going to always side with being a responsible human being and citizen and not having a victim mentality and not having a dependents mentality. No one owes anybody anything. What people claim as a right most often isn’t a right. It’s an opportunity but it’s not a right so we don’t have a right to health care. That’s not the truth. You don’t have a right. You have to understand the difference between the right anyway. All that to say is we need to support people that are gonna stand for freedom. And I didn’t think Trump did that very well when it came to COVID. I think he did that. Very well with a lot of other things, but not COVID. So I’m not a big supporter of Trump. You have to understand that but these people are so bad. The Biden administration and there’s everything just so political and polarizing and all that. That’s why I really believe in I mean, you really see very, very, very few Republicans doing anything, like substantial. I mean, they’re standing up there and reading the Constitution. Who’s, who’s who’s honestly listening to this. No one’s really listening to this, but they’re just, it’s all show showmanship, but I heard this at some point. I can’t remember what the name of the team is. But you have the Harlem Globetrotters and the team that always traveled with them. That was the team they played. I think that the Democrats are like the Harlem Globetrotters and Republicans like that team that travel was always played. They just that you have to have another team on the field for an optics that it’s a game. And sometimes you have to let them you know, score points or something like that. But that’s where we are in politics. We are a globalist Union Party. We’re both I mean Lindsey Graham is is trying to get amnesty at this point, Lindsey Graham. So that’s where we’re at. Those are the people that represent us. And again, I don’t think we have free and fair elections. Somebody was asking me again about DeSantis running. I’m a huge supporter of DeSantis. If it was between DeSantis and Trump, I will easily pick DeSantis. I will not vote for Donald Trump. I don’t care. If he is the nominee. I won’t do it.
I’m over voting for the lesser of two evils. I want to vote for the candidate that I feel strongly about and I want to feel strongly about a person who’s representing freedom DeSantis has done nothing but represent freedom. And if you want to come at back at me and say he, you know, push the vaccine and this, that and the other. He was getting information from the people that Trump appointed and they were telling him lies. He did that as much as he had to, given the situation where we’re at given the high elderly population in this state. But when he started seeing through the propaganda, and the lies and the deception, he started shifting, and he shifted pretty quick. And he hired Aleppo, who was the Florida Surgeon General to come in and these guys are just taking them to task. There’s grand juries convened. There’s a lot of things going on. And so again, you can say all you want, about how the sand has handled the situation and how Trump’s handled the situation. Trump was a catalyst to go one way or the other. He picked this way. A lot of people had to go with him based on the information but again once they discovered what it was like, he went back to a true north Trump still supporting the vaccine supporting all the other stuff because cognitive dissonance, whether it’s that whether it’s pride, I’m not sure what it is. But all that to say people that blame Trump for everything, they are absolutely incompetent for what they’re what they’re doing, and who they are. And their job. And it’s just it’s, it’s an absolute, it’s an absolute tragic, tragedy, and travesty. For sure. So yeah, there’s, there’s there’s a lot. There’s a lot going on. But again, don’t be distracted by balloons. Don’t be distracted by whatever the Biden administration is trying to do. It’s like a it’s like a sleight of hand. You’ve got the three red cups with the ball under it, and they’re kind of doing their thing. Meanwhile, behind you, they’re stealing your car. That’s what’s going on. So I wouldn’t look in the sky as much as I’d look around and what’s going on. But, yeah, I think that’s about I think that’s about it. Like I said, this was just going to be kind of a candid conversation about what’s going on this week. Just wanted to catch up with you all, and see what we could see we can come up with and talk about but just always, always do your own research. Always do your own information. There’s a lot of great sites they can get a lot of great information on gab Twitter now that that’s kind of the the freedom platform as well. To an extent. But yeah, again, like I said, just just kind of look into things. Never trust anything on face value. Again, don’t trust what we say on face. value. And I always encourage you to do that, because there’s a lot of things that if you know, deep down, then you’ll you’ll be a lot stronger for it. So anyway, just wanted to come to you all for that. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. And if you’re near the Mississippi River or that area in Ohio, just kind of be careful get a look out and I’m not sure how you get tests. Not personally but you can test the water supply and that kind of thing. I’d be kind of leery of it. I personally have a water distiller and I just steal all my water and you would not believe the junk that that that collects at the bottom as far as some calcification and then the liquid that’s left is the chemical whether it’s fluoride and chlorine or whatever it is. It’s just awful. So I pour that in a glass picture and I reintroduce a couple essential trace minerals on that and that’s the water I drink because the water here is is pretty rough. It’s pretty awful. They put so much stuff in it and I’m not sure how many municipalities and towns require to put fluoride in but I know up in Georgia, they do and I have to get all this other stuff to take it back out. Because it’s not good for you. It’s it makes you servile and infertile and it hardens your arteries. It’s just not it’s not a good thing. It’s what they used in, in concentration camps and it’s actually a toxic, it’s a toxic chemical fluoride is again, do some research lift that up. It’s it’s not what they say it is for your teeth. But anyway, that’s where we’re at on that. Again, I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful week. Again, pray for the guys at Asbury helping keep that revival going. And just reach out to them, encourage them. Reach out to your local representatives and get involved in your local area because you never know when something’s going to happen in your area like a train derailment. You need to have that communication so you can keep that open and have your voice heard. But until next time, have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon. Love you.

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