Making Your Health Supreme with Dr. Alan Bradford

On this episode, I’m excited to be joined again by our good friend, Dr. Alan Bradford, a naturopathic physician from Arizona.

Dr. Bradford and I discuss:

  • The Supreme Court ruling that overturned the tyrannical vaccine mandate on large private companies.
  • Their separate ruling forcing healthcare workers to comply or lose their jobs.
  • What political calculations were involved in that ruling, including 37% of US truckers saying, “hell no!”
  • Wide-ranging studies showing fully “vaccinated” countries had the highest number of new covid cases.
  • Dr. Bradford’s successful experience treating covid patients, including those “vaccinated” with Ivermectin.
  • Steps to start making your health supreme through healthy food and lifestyle choices.
  • Benefits and importance of a proper vitamin / supplement protocol, including recommended dosage.
  • Actions to create lasting habits that can deliver long term success.

All that and more on this episode.

Thanks again for being part of the team! Please share this episode with your family and friends, thank a trucker, and remember your voice matters!

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