Tyranny, Insanity & Hope for Thee with Austin Broer

On this episode of the Free Thinkers Podcast, we’re excited to welcome Austin Broer, President of Healthmasters.com and co-host of the Ted & Austin Broer Show, as our guest. On this episode, we discuss what it looks like to question authority, pushback against tyranny, stand up against fictitious mandates and have a discernment for truth. We also talk about the importance of a positive mindset and how that can make a dramatic impact on your life in a sea of darkness. All that and more on this episode.

“If somebody in authority is over you and telling you what to do…if you can’t question them, first off, and they can’t answer you or rebuttal you and they simply tell you that you can’t ask questions…that right there makes you need to question everything about them including their actual level of authority.”

– Austin Broer

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